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What is a soulhymnal?

Hymns of the soul -- Poetic verse, prose, stories, and individual thoughts validating real feelings while encouraging movement into the light.

Why are they important?

Because they are the things that speak to us in very personal ways, they lift us and help move us toward goodness and light and let us catch glimpses of heaven.

Why am I sharing some of mine?

I hope that some of you might find value for yourselves in the words I share.


I find I can get stuck at times in the mire of self-doubts and forgetfulness.  I can forget who I am, a child of God, and my purpose.  I can forget the virtuous things -- the joy that comes from partaking of the atonement of our Savior.  I forget all too easily how wonderful it feels striving to live a righteous life.  All too readily I let the things of the world numb me and disturb my peace.  

I created Soulhymnals because even in my darkest moments there is a hymn within me.  The words create yearnings toward God.  The melody plays in my heart, stirring, enlivening, and then climbing to a crescendo of remembrances -- carrying me into stronger arms and piercing my senses with warmth and light.

My name is Janice Osei-Boamah.  I have two beautiful daughters and two sons whom I love dearly.  I love the written word.  I like to play with words.  Putting words together in certain ways brings me hope, inspires me -- grants peace and enlightens me -- leads me to the scriptures and to God.  I hope, for you, these words are of some assistance on your journey.

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